Archangel Metatron, Michael, Azrael and Raphael

„Making the direct connect with God, with source, with the divine that, once again, YES, you are  a part of.  You are one with this creative life force energy and when you regularly connect with it, when you lift with this light, you open yourself to healing, to blessings, and to unconditional love, which serves you in many ways.“


Transmitted through Melanie Beckler, ASK-Angels.Com

 „Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.“


Maya Angelou

Peace is just the way you breathe, the way you control your energy, the way you catch your monkey brain. A shift from the mind to the heart.“

„I do believe that everybody has a mission on earth. You can only discover it in silence and when you go within yourself.
The most beautiful exploratory journey is within.“ 


Amandine Roche

„Know that the situation or problems that come your way for resolution cannot be solved at the level in which they were created.“

Albert Einstein

 „God is one intelligence in many expressions.“


Deepak Chopra


10-2016 kryon.com

„We say goodbye to the old energy“

„It is time to say goodbye but not to one another but to be alone“

„Loneliness because you don´t have the hand of God“

„Reconnect to your higher selves“

„Start the LOVE affairs“



„Það er nóg pláss í heiminum fyrir alla, því ekki að segja frá því þegar vel gengur og hjálpa fólki að ná markmiðum sínum?“

„Góðar hugmyndir þær verða bara að fá líf.  Það er engin nákvæmlega einsog ég, það leiðir bara gott af sér að deila ráðum og skiptast á hugmyndum.  Ég vil stuðla að því að sem flest ungt fólk taki ábyrgð á lífi sínu og komi hugmyndum sínum í framkvæmd“

„Því meira sem þú gefur, því meira gefur lífið þér til baka.“

Alda Karen Hjaltalín, sölu og markaðsstjóri Ghostlamp


 Dawa Tarchin Phillips

„As mindful leaders, we are always walking the fine line between doing what is right and doing things the right way. These two are not the same. You can do what is right and ruffle many feathers, upset the existing order and shake up the status quo. And you can do things the right way, which means you can try to seek consensus, build rapport, compromise on your views and vision, and try to create a world that works for more people than not.“

Christian Mikelsen


„Yes, real people will read your email and get back to

you. In this crazy, impersonal digital age, the human touch

just seems like the right way to do business.“