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Mindfulness Digital

Mindfulness in the workplace, learn to be present, to pause in the now moment, be aware of your emotions and let go of stress.  Have better focus.



Learn & Grow

The Learning Organisation in practice, how people can learn in the workplace, the mindset, the relationships and organisational structure. Many cases.

Learning takes place on an individual, relationships and organisational level.



Start Up

Important things to know when starting up a company and many factors that are important for business success. Holistic view is very important, to succeed have to tie it all together.


Mindful Leadership

Help you to be more aware of your thought processes and to encourage you to release old, outmoded concepts. It is vastly important that you begin to think clearly and focus on the emotions and thought-forms you emit throughout the day and night.

Start your day with relaxation to release emotions, set your intention for the focus on that day.

Topics include:

  1. Commitment
  2. Emotional Intelligence
    1. Selv awareness
    2. Social awareness
    3. Influence
  3. Mindfulness practice
  4. Mind mapping



Each month will receive lessons with practice and a workbook. First saturday each month with a link to a Zoom conference and a network, on The Mighty Network.

Program will last for 3 months.

Start 1.9.2018



More information on www.orangetree.is