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Why You May Want to Try a „Digital Detox“

Our constant need to be connected to our digital devices drains us of valuable time and energy. Luckily, there’s something we can do about it. Are you ready to start unplugging?

If you are interested in being more productive at work, having better relationships, sleeping soundly, and having a slimmer waistline, it might be time to unplug.

Research now confirms what many of us suspected—the convenience of our mobile devices comes with an energy-draining price. The good news is we can reclaim our energy by unplugging, whether it be for a few hours before bed, the whole weekend, or longer.

It’s called a „digital detox,“ or going „screen-free,“ and it means you turn off your smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and computers for a set amount of time.

Here’s why you might want to try it.

The Double-Edged Sword

While users indicate the number one advantage of using a mobile phone or smartphone is the convenience to be connected to people and information whenever and wherever, they also cite this constant connection as the number one annoyance, according to a report released by the Pew Research Center.

In a classic case of FOMO (fear of missing out), about 67% of users check their phone regularly (in case they missed something), even though it didn’t ring, while 18% check it „frequently,“ according to the Pew report.

Other research shows that 73% of people felt „panicked“ when they lost their phone, while 14% said they felt „desperate.“

Is being constantly connected worth all that anxiety?

„We become kind of zombies,” NewYorker.com editor Nicholas Thompson told CBS News. “A lot of people, at the end of the day, think gosh I should have been a little more present with the humans in my life not with my phone.”

Move It

You can begin to unplug by literally moving your devices away from areas where you want to stay screen free. For example, keep screens out of the kitchen during mealtimes.

But equally important, you can move yourself a little more. Research shows that 86% of American workers sit all day, and many sit at a computer. A European studyfound that lack of physical activity increased the risk of early death more than obesity.

All this screen time is also increases waistlines. Studies have shown that spending too much time watching TV can increase both men and women’s waistlines and also increase women’s blood pressure, even in those who exercise. And 56% of workers say they use getting food as an excuse to stand up and take a break.

Some experts have started to refer to these collective problems as „sitting disease.“

The human body is designed for movement, not inactivity, according to fitness expert Geralyn Coopersmith. Electronics keep us stationary, typically for long periods of time.

“Prolonged sitting is the cause of a lot of posture problems and can even contribute to diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease,“ Coopersmith told Fitnessmagazine.

Get your blood flowing by taking regular breaks to walk, stretch, or shake out your limbs. Get outside and get a breath of fresh air, and leave all your devices inside.

Set Some Limits

YoungAh Park, assistant professor of psychology at Kansas State University, recommends focusing on work-life balance to recover from job stress and the requirement to be “plugged in” all day. Otherwise, after-hours job stress can overflow into family time.

“Research has shown that employees who unwind from work stress during off-work times are better at showing proactive behaviors to solve problems and are more engaged in their work,“ Park said. She recommends setting personal boundaries for use of communication technology during non-work time.

You might also want to unplug before going to bed. Screen time can be especially disruptive to sleep, as it emits a blue light that mimics daylight and suppresses melatonin production, which is essential for maintaining the body’s sleep rhythms. Two hours of exposure in an evening proved enough to effect melatonin levels in a study from the Lighting Research Center. Make powering down part of your bedtime routine, and the earlier the better.

Reward Yourself

Unplugging opens up more time and space for self-care. In the time you might have been busy emailing or scrolling social media, focus on yourself instead.

Get some rest. Go for the walk you keep meaning to take. Sit down for a quiet meditation. Make yourself a healthy meal. Play outside. Or, get some actual face time with family and friends.

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The Gabriel Messages #22   Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light.

Dear One,

To call on the Angels does not symbolize weakness, it shows strength. It takes great courage to ask for assistance. There is a thought-form in your society that says you must „do it alone“ if you are to be considered responsible and mature. This, however, creates a great burden for you in your world because there is so much to deal with in worldly life. It is not easy to live in an earth body, so assistance is necessary in order to live in a happier, more harmonious way.

You cannot look for answers to life’s challenges in the world around you. The answers and the way through are in the higher frequencies available in the light of Truth and Wisdom. This is the light of God’s love and it is the comfort offered by the Angels. When you ask for assistance, Light and Love flow to you immediately. This expands your conscious awareness so you can see the greater truth in any situation. This receptivity gives you freedom to act in ways that you know are in your highest good.

You are provided with guardian Angels who are with you throughout your life. They are always available for you to call upon, to ask questions of, and to provide the depth of companionship for which your soul longs. Human companions are not capable of giving you the depth, wisdom and strength that the Angels can give you.

If this level of relationship is something you desire, call on your Angelic friends now. There has never been a time when the Angels were so closely available as they are at this time. Presently, the veils are very thin between the worlds. This means that you can pray and take the time to call in the presence of your guiding Angels and they will be there for you. You can ask for signs of proof. You can ask to bask in their loving light. All this will occur. But your desire for a personal relationship is necessary to bring the Angels into your conscious awareness. This is easy for you to do. Use the power of your imagination and allow your mind to soar in expansive ways.

Release now the burden of having to do it alone. Call on the Angels often. Ask for help in every situation. You will be held in comforting wings of loving light and your way will be cleared.

This is an Angelic promise to you. We love you and bless you always. Remember:

 Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light.

Lesa meira

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Breathe to Heal Max Strom TEDx


Published on 7 Dec 2015

With anxiety, stress, and sleep dysfunction skyrocketing around the globe, it’s time we look at the unspoken reasons why. These debilitating challenges can be meaningfully impacted with ten to twenty minutes of breathing exercises per day. Max Strom,who has taught breath-work for 20 years, reveals his insights into the healing power of the breath.

Max Strom teaches personal transformation, mindfulness, and yoga worldwide and is known for inspiring and impacting the lives of his students. His Inner Axis method addresses the internal aspects of our life and our potential for physical and emotional healing. He is the author of „A Life Worth Breathing,“ and, „There is No App for Happiness.“

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx