Met 5d

2018 Upshifting in the Crystal Vortex

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

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   Greetings! I am Metatron, Angelic of Light! I am joined by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service as we encompass each of you in a vector of Unconditional Love, within crystalline light.
It is 2018, Year Six of the New Earth, of the crystalline shift. And there is much movement! For the transition is quickening. Dear Ones, we understand that the up-shift has not been easy. In the present you are in an overlapping phase of the old & new. The dichotomy is difficult, polarity is extreme. The earth’s gravity is in an unusual low cycle. The planets polar magnetics are in an oscillating phase of extreme electro-magnetic distortions. These factors are influencing your emotions, creating phases of challenge.
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Ascension to fifth dimension of The Golden Age for the individual

We can imagine a development like this, but every individual is unique.

We use our internal guide which is our higher self “I am presence” and our sacred mind and heart, our spiritual quest is lead by our higher self. We are not attached to material needs, the desire body anymore. We understand that every individual is special and all need to find their own way.  We become much more tolerant and more sensitive to others needs. Our inner guide is now stronger and we know what we have to do. We use our discernment and know that all the spiritual pathways will ultimately lead to the same destination. We listen to others but use our discernment and we listen to our hearts.  We are silent observers looking at the world through lens of love.



What is 5d from physics

A five-dimensional space is a space with five dimensions. If interpreted physically, that is one more than the usual three spatial dimensions and the fourth dimension of time used in relative physics. It is an abstraction which occurs frequently in mathematics, where it is a legitimate construct.

4D Portal and the 5th Dimension

We are moving into the fifth dimension. This dimension represents 4 dimensions of space and 2 dimension of time. The importance of this information is that we currently exist in 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimensions of time (which is why time is linear). In 3D we have duality and  we have a beginning and an end. Time is linear within this reality. In the next reality we move into 4 dimensions of space  and 2 dimension of time so time becomes more fluid and is no longer linear.