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Facebook changes measure of success

On several occasions in both the Q3 and Q4 Earnings Calls, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg outlined that while time spent on the site was hitherto the most important measure of success for the platform, in order to ensure the continued growth of the Facebook community and the company, time well spent on Facebook is now the company’s most important measure of success. Such an admission even 18 months ago would have been unthinkable.3dd


What are the responses to the move to time well spent?

With such a huge shift to the Facebook and digital ecosystem, it is only natural that responses to this should be vocal and virulent. [example post]

I’m obviously in the huge minority but I don’t really care about “connecting” with people, friends or not. I like that I can read articles, learn new things and stay up to date on things I’m interested in. That’s what I use Facebook for. An option to keep things the same would be nice for those of us who aren’t into the social part of social media.”

Don’t forget that in most of the world, local businesses ARE our community, our neighbors, and our friends. Facebook once connected us to our local communities in a new and exciting way, but then the small business got pushed out by big brand spend – I hope you don’t forget the significance and enjoyment that will be lost if neighborhoods become disconnected as a result.

However, it can only be a good thing that has taken the plunge and decided to make this change for its customers, and forcing other businesses to follow suit. To prioritise content that is human beings consider meaningful to can only be a good thing in this complex digitised world we live in. There will be mistakes made along the way but this is a great first step that obliges many of the biggest companies in the world to reconsider how they communicate with us as human beings.

Lawrence Ampofo

Director & Founder at Digital Mindfulness



Real Love – Sharon Salzberg

In her tenth book, Sharon Salzberg provides a pathway towards more sustainable and authentic connection by offering a creative toolkit of mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques that guide us to strip away our layers of habit to access a truer understanding of love, “real love.” This journey enables us to become more present and to begin to experience real love—love based on direct interactions, rather than preconceptions. When we are truly engaged in these present experiences we are not only able to feel more connected to our own core selves, but also to those around us, and ultimately to life itself. Divided into three sections, Real Love explores love in three arenas of life: for oneself, love for an other, and love for all of life.