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Global Peace Index


These short videos tell the story of peace over the last ten years using our data, research and insight. Share and join the conversation using #storyofpeace.

This website is the place to view the maps and ground breaking peace research from the Institute for Economics and Peace.

International Day of Peace

With rising international tensions, peace has never been more critical for the global agenda. Next week, along with the United Nations and a host of other organisations worldwide, we celebrate the International Day of Peace. To mark the day, the Institute for Economics & Peace will be releasing SDG16 Progress Report. SDG16 or the ‘peace goal’ as it is commonly referred to, is a major achievement of the international community representing an important recognition of how violence and conflict can undermine development. However, agreeing on a goal is only the first step. We need to ensure the goal is measured, and that steps are taken towards its achievement.